Do You Need A Solid Roof For Your Conservatory Or Orangery?

Conservatories and orangeries are fantastic places to spend your time during the summer. You can use them for regular family gatherings where you all sink a few cold drinks and tuck into any grilled food cooked outside on the barbecue while taking in gorgeous views of the garden, long into the night on some occasions.

Solid Roof Victorian Conservatory

Unfortunately, for a good number of conservatory and orangery owners, they no longer have that option available to them in summer.

If you’re confused why, it’s because their conservatory or orangery has an old or polycarbonate roofing system that is failing to insulate the structure properly, causing it to seriously overheat in warm conditions. You wouldn’t believe how hot it gets inside these sorts of home extensions when their roofing systems stop performing – it isn’t at all pleasant spending your time in an oven-like atmosphere!

Our recommendation to anyone with a conservatory or orangery they can barely use in summer? Replace the roof for a solid roof.

After measuring your existing roof and checking that the existing windows, doors and base can withstand the weight of a new covering, we can custom-build a solid roof to perfectly fit in its place.

It will look like the original roof as you can have it made from convincing tiles or slates, in one of several finishes, that complement the coloured tiles and slates attached to the roof of your house.

Very simple to fit, the addition of a solid roof will provide fantastic insulation, keeping the interior at a comfortable temperature in all weathers, even when we’re hit by a heatwave or the coldest of cold snaps.

A brand new form of solid roof has recently been developed – the UltraRoof.

It will do the same job for all conservatory and orangery styles, but, it features large, made-to-measure rectangular glass panels that help bring natural light in and give you amazing aerial views.

The UltraRoof is also one of the very few solid roof systems to be LABC (Local Authority Building Control) and LABSS (Local Authority Building Standards Scotland) approved, which makes it easier to receive Building Regulations approval when required.


Get your old conservatory or orangery back for future summers by instructing Eden Windows to upgrade your current roof to a solid roof. Download our Solid Roof brochure for more info.










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