How To Keep Your Home Safe And Secure Over Christmas

Kevin the Carrot has appeared on our TV screens which can only mean one thing – Christmas is coming!

White UPVC Frames & Security Lock

There’s now less than 50 days to go until the big day and we imagine your home interior will be strewn with gifts come Christmas morning. To keep them away from unwanted hands, you need to make sure your property is firmly protected ahead of Santa coming down the chimney so that the only Christmas surprises you have are good ones, not nasty ones.

Beat burglars at their own game by employing these clever methods of safeguarding against any potential festive theft.

Check and replace windows and doors if necessary

The main access points for a burglar are your windows and doors. Put them to the test by locking them and trying to push them open with a little force. Do you notice any give in the frames or does a locking mechanism seem flimsy?

Anything that suggests they could easily be opened when locked should be the catalyst for you purchasing a more secure set of windows and/or doors. Again, test any new windows and doors out before you commit to buying them.

Fit a burglar alarm

A poll conducted by Yale in 2017 found that a remarkable 70 per cent of Brits don’t have a burglar alarm fitted at their home. It’s a staggering statistic when you consider that burglaries are on the rise.

Research has shown that you’re far less likely to be a victim of theft when you have a reliable burglar alarm fitted. The most common types of burglar alarm are…

  • Bells-only alarm (simply makes a noise when triggered)
  • Dialler burglar alarm (calls an assigned number when triggered)
  • Smart home-security system (contacts an assigned number via a mobile device when triggered)

Appoint a house-sitter

Some of you of course won’t be spending Christmas in your home due to being invited elsewhere. This might be just on the day itself or for the entirety of the Christmas and New Year periods.

In either scenario, see if you can get someone you trust to pop into the house in your absence to open and draw any curtains and ensure everything seems ok. You will owe them some mince pies though for the favour.


You can still get new windows and doors fitted by Eden before Christmas, but time is fast running out if you want them. You need to get an appointment booked today to get it organised.




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