Should You Choose Composite Wood Or Traditional Timber Home Improvements?

Eden Windows is one of those rare home improvement companies that offer both composite wood products and traditional timber solutions for the home. We do so because they’re building materials of equal quality.

Oak Composite Door Cameo

If a customer were to ask us which of these materials they should choose, we would have to call it a score-draw. However, we are happy to present them with the facts which they can use to come to their own conclusion.

Whether you want to create a new outdoor living space with our composite decking, or install a new timber door to enhance your entrance, this is what we can tell you about both materials…


You will find it difficult to tell a composite door and timber door apart as they have a near identical appearance.

Several materials are used to create a composite door, and one of those materials is wood. That explains why it has the same natural detailing and effect as one of our traditional engineered timber doors. Only composite wood or traditional timber can offer you that sort of look, with knots and streaks included.


Some may worry that a timber door requires endless maintenance and is likely to splinter or warp further down the line. That may be true of an old timber door, but our engineered timber doors are age-resistant, so you don’t have to repair or repaint them.

Our composite doors are similarly low-maintenance. A wet cloth will usually be enough to remove any marks on the exterior of the door, and you will never need to take a paintbrush to the frame.


One of the biggest jobs of a residential door is to keep your home well protected. While it is true that an ordinary timber door weakens and becomes less robust as it ages, our timber doors provide lasting resilience.

Part of that resilience is thanks to the multi-point locking mechanism we incorporate into them. This is the same lock system we also fix to our composite doors, a lock that testing has shown is practically unbreakable.


A visit to your nearest Eden showroom is in order if you’re torn between composite wood or traditional timber so that you can see examples of both with your own eyes.






Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our Gillingham Showroom in Kent, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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