Don’t Overlook Your Windows And Doors When Decorating For Christmas

Windows at Christmas

The windows and doors of your home can play an important role in getting your home ready for Christmas.

When decorating for Christmas, it’s not just your tree that should be going up. There are many other decorations that can be incorporated to make your home feel cosy and inviting, from the inside out.

Read on for our tips on how to style your windows and doors for Christmas.

Wreaths on both doors and windows

If you’ve ever been to the US suburbs around Christmas time, you’ll see that many Americans add more than just one wreath to their front door!

Hanging a small, matching wreath from each window will give your home a stunning festive look. Add a red, satin bow to each wreath to finish off the look.

Christmas wreath

Add candles, lanterns and fairy lights

Create a dazzling display of lights in your home.

Place candles on your windowsills and scatter lanterns around your doorways for an affordable yet cosy, festive feel. 

As well as draping the fairy lights around windows, you can create curtain lights with them by hanging them down from the top of the frame. You can also add fairy lights to glass bowls and vases and place them on your windowsills.

Christmas lights

Accessorise your windowsills

Your windowsills are a great place to make a Christmas display that will be admired by both neighbours passing by and the whole family inside the house.

Accessorise your home with festive ornaments, a mini tree or a bowl of spare baubles on your windowsills.

You can also add some poinsettias from your local garden centre. The striking plant has been associated with Christmas since the 16th century.

Ornaments on windows

Unsure whether you should draw attention to your outdated windows and doors? Download an Eden brochure and consider upgrading them.


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