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3 Home Improvement Suggestions For The Smaller Home

3 home improvement ideas for smaller homes

You very rarely hear anyone complaining that they have too much space at home; it’s usually the opposite and them wishing that they had more of it. 

It’s not helpful that over the last 40 years, new-build homes in the UK have shrunk in size by around 20%, and they may shrink some more in the future as housing developers look to satisfy high property demand. 

Do you live in such a home and are looking for ideas of how you can make it feel more expansive? 

Eden knows all of the best tricks for turning smaller homes into homes that somehow feel blessed with space.

Add mirrors to walls

There’s every chance that you will have come across this tip before, but when you pick the right mirrors and add them to the right places, it will work a treat. 

The best type of mirrors are large mirrors with a small surround, rather than buying lots of small mirrors, and it’s advisable to install them near a window, if you can. 

Avoid hanging a mirror too close to a wall or the edge of a ceiling, and install it so that the centre of your mirrors is at the eye-level of someone of average height.


Use lighter colours on walls

If mirrors aren’t your thing, or you don’t want too many of them around the house, leave certain walls mirror-free and paint them in a light colour. 

A white finish, for example, will do a great job of reflecting light in those rooms that receive lots of sun. If you have a room that only gets limited natural light, a black colour will work well for the same purpose. 

It’s not just the walls that should be painted. With the same colour, paint the ceiling, trims and doors as well.

A colour pallette for an extension

Install a bi-folding, French or patio door

Opening your house is another way of creating lots of welcome space, which is possible if you have a garden and can get a bi-folding, French or patio door integrated in a wall that connects to it. 

It takes minimal effort to open each of these doors, and when you do, the sun will flood your living area, leaving it feeling super-spacious. 

There’s so much glass in the doors too, so anytime they’re shut, it won’t stop an abundance of natural sunlight from coming in.

A partly open bi-folding door

Does the idea of getting a bi-folding, French or patio door fitted appeal to you? If so, it would make sense to get a FREE quote from Eden Windows for one.

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