The Complete Homeowners Guide To Bi-Folding Doors

The spring and summer seasons are approaching. We anticipate this will trigger a rise in bi-folding door sales as some homeowners look to establish an open-plan arrangement in some part of their property.

Bi-Folding Doors Internal Image With Garden View

Warmer weather is often a catalyst for Kent householders to eliminate the boundary that separates their living area and dining room, or more typically, any internal space, conservatory or orangery that is directly adjacent to their garden surrounds.

This is best done with the integration of bi-folding doors, without doubt one of the inventive and stylish door solutions you can buy.

Background to the bi-fold

Sometimes referred to as a folding sliding door, bi-folding doors are made up of a series of individual door leafs that fold up as they’re pushed along in a concertina-type effect. They can create a minimum opening of 1.4 metres to 2.4 metres up to an opening that’s measures as much as eight panes wide.

Largely crafted from aluminium, they can include 24mm or 28mm double glazed glass units, or even 32mm triple glazed glass units.

Benefits of the bi-folding door

  • Opening a set of bi-folding doors only takes the gentlest of pushes – very little effort needs to be put in.


  • The availability of so many openings gives you different possibilities in terms of ventilation when your interior feels overly warm.


  • There is hardly any frame present in a bi-folding door as it is dominated by glass. All this glass provides you with the most amazing and undisturbed views of the outdoors.


  • You won’t need to worry about maintaining them as they’re weather-resistant and their finish will remain permanently intact.


  • Buyers love bi-folds, so don’t be at all surprised if the installation of them increases the resale value of the property.


  • They’re guaranteed to become a big talking point when you invite friends and family over as who couldn’t be impressed by how elegant they look?

Planning permission

Certain major home improvements sometimes require planning permission before they can commence such as a conservatory or porch installation, but most bi-folding doors are considered to be a permitted development and can proceed without it. For definitive clarity on the matter, get in contact with the planning department at your local authority.

Come see the eden’s best bi-folds

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