A practical window with versatile openings to work with your specific needs.

If you are looking for the most practical replacement window, Eden Windows recommends that you consider our Tilt & Turn windows. Opening in two different ways, meaning that not only can you determine how much outside air hits your home, but it also makes cleaning your replacement windows the simplest of tasks. With our replacement Tilt & Turn window, you have it both ways. Turn its handle once and its top opens slightly inward to let in air. Turn it again and it opens inward from side hinges to make its outside surface easy to reach and clean.

UPVC Tilt & Turn Windows

Available in an assortment of colours and finishes, our Tilt & Turn windows are a great choice for homeowners looking to make energy savings. Security is also a huge benefit, with the use of shoot-bolt locks, key locking handles and toughened glass.

UPVC Tilt & Turn Windows
UPVC Tilt & Turn Windows


Our extensive range of tilt & turn windows can be selected in either UPVC or aluminium frames. Invite light and ventilation into your home with our modern design.

UPVC Tilt & Turn Windows


Eden’s UPVC tilt & turn windows are versatile windows – in both looks and performance. Their opening can be easily adjusted to provide the right degree of ventilation and their design suits all property types.

Aluminium Tilt & Turn Window


Our tilt & turn windows’ flexible opening enables homeowners to clean the windows without fuss. If you prefer the minimalistic look, aluminium is the perfect material.



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Eden, believes that you shouldn’t have to pinch your pockets to be able to purchase our products. You can pay in affordable monthly instalments to better suit your needs and budget.



Eden, believes that you shouldn’t have to pinch your pockets to be able to purchase our products. You can pay in affordable monthly instalments to better suit your needs and budget.



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Tilt and turn windows are popular because of their flexibility, style and energy efficiency. If you’re still not sure if this type of double glazing is right for your home, our team are here to answer your questions and show you our replacement window range at our showroom. In the meantime you can read the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions below.

What makes tilt and turn windows so popular?

Tilt & turn windows are an ever popular choice across Kent.

Tilt and turn windows have become a popular choice with homeowners in Kent and South East London due to their versatility, functionality and design. Unlike traditional casement windows that open on a single hinge, tilt and turn windows offer the flexibility to both tilt and fully turn giving you far more ways to use your windows to their full advantage.

This unique feature of multiple ways of opening allows you to open the window partially which allows fresh air into the room while maintaining the security of your home. Additionally, the ability to fully open the window facilitates easy cleaning and allows for maximum airflow into the room.

With Eden Windows there are countless ways for you to customise your windows to make them perfectly match your home. From the window frame colours to the hardware on your new windows, we’ll work to create the perfect tilt and turn windows to suit your home. To explore our range of tilt and turn windows further, you can download our free window brochure or speak to one of our team at our showroom.

How do you open a tilt and turn window?

It couldn’t be easier to open our tilt and turn windows.

Opening a tilt and turn window is a straightforward process with our user-friendly design, making sure that every homeowner can simply open their new windows.

The window has two primary opening modes, tilt and fully open. To engage the tilt function, simply turn the handle slightly to allow the window to tilt forward. If you wish to fully open the window, just turn the handle all the way and the window will swing open. It’s a simple and efficient way to have control over just how much air you let into your home. You’re in complete control with tilt and turn windows.

For those interested in experiencing our windows in person, we encourage a visit to our Gillingham showroom. At our showroom, you can explore a variety of windows on display and speak to our team for advice and find out if tilt and turn windows are right for you.

Can you still use blinds with tilt and turn windows?

Yes, you can combine your tilt and turn windows with a range of blinds and window dressings.

While you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the look of your new windows, we know you’ll want to decorate with curtains or use them with blinds.

Tilt and turn windows, much like other window types, are compatible with a variety of blinds, window shades, and curtains. The key consideration before selecting blinds is to ensure there’s sufficient space around the window for them to move freely when you open or close the windows.

For a convenient solution that will give you privacy with the least hassle, we recommend blinds that move up and down, as they can be easily stored at the top of the window frame when you need to tilt the window forward. Likewise, vertical blinds can be fully moved to the side when not in use, allowing you to fully open the window without worrying about catching blinds.

How secure are tilt & turn windows?

Every window from Eden has been designed with security as a priority.

Our tilt and turn windows are engineered for robustness and security, providing you with unwavering peace of mind from the moment of installation.

Equipped with advanced security systems, each window incorporates sturdy hinges and resilient locking technology to keep your home safe. Tilt and turn windows, in particular, are an excellent choice for security-conscious individuals. The tilt function allows for plenty of ventilation for the room while maintaining a secure and nearly closed window position, preventing unauthorised access to your home.

Combined with our high-quality UPVC frames, these features not only contribute to a beautifully designed window but also ensure the safety and security of your home overall. If you’d like to know more about our windows, feel free to reach out to one of our team members or visit our showroom to experience our windows for yourself and get your personalised quote.

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