How To Show Your Windows And Doors Some Loving This Valentine’s Day

Oh, don’t tell us you have forgotten about Valentine’s Day!?

If you’ve yet to buy anything for your partner and have nothing planned for the day itself, we suggest that you get out and find something suitable and think about hosting a cosy Valentine’s night in at home.

As part of your preparations for this most romantic of occasions, get your dining table nicely laid out, pick up a bottle of champers, box of chocolates and pay attention to your windows and doors to generate a love-filled atmosphere.

We have a number of loving touches in mind for your windows and doors…

Flush Evolution Windows

Bring the shine back to your windows and front door

It shouldn’t take too much effort to get your windows and front door gleaming and the difference it makes will be profound.

Wipe down your UPVC window frames, composite door frame with a wet cloth to remove any marks and dirt and then clean their glazed sections using a suitable glass cleaning solution and squeegee to prevent any smears.

It’s far less simple to improve the condition of traditional wooden windows and doors, so consider replacing them at a later date for UPVC / composite substitutes.

Sprinkle red rose petals over your window sills

Red roses and Valentine’s Day go together hand-in-hand and have done since the 19th Century. Handing over a big bunch of them never goes out of fashion, but you can be more subtle and similarly thoughtful by sprinkling red rose petals onto your most visible window sills.  

Add a few scented candles to any available window sills and light them to get the place smelling sensational ahead of your partner’s arrival.

Hang a heart-shaped wreath to your entrance

You may have displayed a wreath on your front door at Christmas and its removal after the festivities had concluded may have left your front entrance looking very bare.

Exploit the space it’s left behind by hanging a Valentine’s inspired wreath to the door. Etsy sells numerous Valentine’s wreaths in lots of colours (not just red) and styles that you can use to show you love home. If arts and crafts are your ‘thing’, you could always try making your own Valentine’s wreath to make it feel more personal.


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