3 Frightfully Great Ways Of Making Your Home Look Eerie For Halloween

3 Frightfully Great Ways Of Making Your Home Look Eerie For Halloween

Something is creeping up on you! It’s Halloween, of course, with the spookiest day of the year just lurking around the corner.

Have you made a start yet on giving your house a haunted look?

Pumpkins are the first thing you usually think of when prepping your home for Halloween, but if that’s too much of a cliché for you, Eden has some other spooktacular decorating suggestions.

Bewitch The Neighbourhood

“They’ve got a witch in their house”. Fool some into thinking that by placing some witch-like shoes and a broom outside of your front door.

Cause a few cackles by also having a sign up in the entrance with a message of “free flying lessons” or “potions on sale”.

This will all be right on trend this Halloween as the much anticipated Hocus Pocus 2 has just been released on Disney+.

A sign and a broomstick

Ghoulish Window Stickers

Send a sharp shiver down the spine with stickers on your windows of ghosts and ghouls and get guests running for the hills with stickers of scary spiders, the spookiest skeletons and the most wicked of witches.

Worried they might be a bit too chilling for younger children? On Amazon, you can find stickers of Casper the friendly ghost, which will raise more of a smile than cause a shock.

Two boys in a Halloween-themed extension

Halloween Messages

With a light box, you could keep adding lots of hilarious and haunting Halloween messages, and put it in your front window for all to see.

The box will glow brightly at night and can say anything from “don’t turn back” to “I put a spell on you”.

Keep it in the window or put it elsewhere after Halloween has finished and begin a countdown to Christmas on the box.

Trick or treat written on a light box

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