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Conservatory vs Orangery: Which Extension Is Right For You?

We’re not going to lie – conservatories and orangeries don’t come cheap. So, you need to ensure that you’re spending your money wisely and investing in the right home extension for your requirements.

Tiled Roof Victorian Conservatory

They are very different structures and you may well discover that one complements your property more than the other.


When first developed and before they became a method of extending living space at residential properties, conservatories were utilised for growing citrus fruits during the winter months. The modern-day conservatory typically contains a glass or solid roof and has brick walls.

You can buy 11 conservatory styles at Eden Windows and what they all share in common is their ability to dramatically increase floor space and the resale value of your home. With such a diverse selection of conservatories available, you’re guaranteed to find something that ticks all the necessary boxes.


An orangery is most identifiable for its solid brick pillars, expansive glazed panes, brick or stone base and lantern roof covering. Natural light enters into it from every conceivable angle and it has a very airy feel because of the extensive glazed roof. You’re promised a super cosy interior in all conditions.

We have four variations of the orangery on offer. Installing one at your home will significantly extend its size and give you a host of practical benefits that you will revel in enjoying for years to come.

Do your calculations

If you see a conservatory and orangery in our Kent showroom and are having troubling figuring out which is which, just remember this:

  • If there is 75% or more glass in the roof, it is a conservatory
  • If there is less than 75% glass in the roof, it is an orangery

What is your chief purpose?

When weighing up which to buy, base your decision on what you want from the space.

Is it for spectacular garden views, lounging in luxury, cooking in new surrounds or perhaps all three of these things.

Whatever it is, we will have an appropriate conservatory or orangery ready and waiting for you.  

Hit a brick wall trying to make a decision? We recommend that you book an appointment with one of our consultants who will be able to give you the full inside track on both extensions.

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