Top Tips On Improving Your Home Security

Last year, conducted analysis of 1.8 million home insurance quotes over the past five years and uncovered that 16 out of the top 20 worst postcode districts for burglary were situated in London.

White UPVC Frames & Security Lock

While not a conclusive piece of research, it serves as a reminder to Kent householders how important it is that they make their properties as secure as possible to ensure they’re not the next victim of theft.

You can never do too much to enhance home security. Eden Windows knows what it takes to protect yours from the outside world.

Replacement windows and doors

Flimsy windows and doors are an easy target for thieves. You need windows and doors that refuse to budge even when subjected to extreme force and in order to do this they must have a robust frame and sophisticated locking mechanism.

All windows and doors supplied by Eden Windows supply that. Just make sure that they’re properly locked before going to bed or exiting the house as you’d be amazed at how many burglaries occur because of a failure to do this.

Alarm system

The sound triggered by an alarm when a break-in is detected will alert you and others to the issue and can stop it from happening.

Even the sight of an alarm could be enough to make thieves think twice about taking their chances, though they’re likely capable of identifying a real alarm from a “dummy” alarm. Just remember to always set the alarm when leaving the house unoccupied and try not to forget the code.

House sitter

Are you planning on going away on holiday for a week or two? If so ask a close friend, relative or neighbour if they can either stay at the house in your absence or visit daily in the morning and at night to open and close the curtains. Cut them a spare key if you don’t already have one and hand it to them – don’t leave it out under a plant pot or doormat!

Also, try not to broadcast your absence from home on social media before taking to the skies as you never know who is looking at your profile!

Neighbourhood watch

There is estimated to be over 150,000 neighbourhood watch schemes set up in Britain where those involved keep an eye out for any suspicious activity that goes on in their locality.

It is very useful to have several eyes looking out and in many places it has proved to be an effective deterrent. You could even set up a WhatsApp group including members of the scheme that you can use to keep each other informed of when you suspect someone’s home could be under threat.

Eden – the place for secure home improvements

Everything created by Eden Windows is done so with security in mind. Discover exactly how secure our products are during a visit to one of our showrooms.







Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our Gillingham Showroom in Kent, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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