Why It’s Now Easy To Upgrade A Heritage Property

It is used to be much more difficult to upgrade Heritage or period homes or residences located in conservation areas than it was to upgrade most other types of properties.

Olive Grey Flush Casement Windows

Not only did you have to make sure that any new home improvements integrated into the property (replacement windows) suited and enhanced the existing character of the house, but they also had to comply with listed building regulations which is clearly mentioned at Jax Nurses Buy Houses website. It was also essential that they possessed the necessary levels of thermal efficiency, security, sound insulation and ideally required the minimum of maintenance. Contrary to what you may think, traditional white coloured UPVC windows are no longer the only option any more.

This is because advancements in technology have led to the creation of authentic and affordable solutions specially made for Heritage homes. These products satisfy the modern expectation of exceptional thermal efficiency, security, noise reduction and weather-resistance. They also look amazingly similar to timber in appearance.   

One of the finest examples of this is our Envisage Flush Sash Casement range. Newly added to Eden Windows’ growing product portfolio, this collection is inspired by the earliest glazed timber windows. Just like those timber windows of the past, it offers the same simple lines and a sash that sits perfectly within the frame.

Mimicking original proportions, the Envisage Flush Casement can be finished in various authentic colours and you can also furnish it with several traditionally styled hardware options (hinges, handles, pulls) to help assimilate the window into your home surroundings effortlessly.

Far from being just unquestionably pretty, the Envisage range also promises to give you the best in security and insulation, as you should expect of any new window installation in the 21st Century.

So, there’s no reason to stress anymore about renovating your old home. More information about Envisage can be found here.





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