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3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Composite Door

When inviting people over to your home for the first time, it’s completely understandable that you will want them to be impressed by what they see. Any judgement they make on the house will be fast and could predominantly be determined by the appearance of your entranceway. Integration of a brand new composite door into your entranceway is certain to excite and impress them.

Green Composite Door

What is a composite door?

The composite door was first developed in the 1990’s and it quickly became a rival door solution to the traditional UPVC door.

Amongst the different materials used to create a composite door are UPVC and wood, plus it has a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) skin on its exterior. Right in the heart of a composite door is thick polyurethane foam.

Composite door buyers are assured of at least three major plus points:

  1. Durability

The thickness of a composite door frame singles it out from most replacement door offerings. This unrivalled thickness makes a composite door extremely difficult to force open when locked, particularly as it comes with a sophisticated locking system incorporated into the design. This durability won’t diminish as a composite door can handle prolonged exposure to the weather without it affecting performance.  

  1. Timber-like

Customers are often astounded when they discover that the composite doors in our showrooms aren’t crafted from timber. A composite door is amazingly similar in appearance to a timber door only a composite door doesn’t suffer from the ageing process as much as a timber door. It has a woodgrain effect running throughout the entire design and that’s what confuses people into thinking that it’s made using wood.

  1. Maintenance-free

Who has the time to be maintaining their front door nowadays? You have to be prepared to do that though if you own a traditional front door, otherwise it becomes less secure and unsightly. Composite doors require barely any maintenance – wiping the design with a wet cloth should be enough to remove any dirt or marks and you only need to lubricate any moving parts once in a while.

Come and get a composite door at Eden

Composite doors are a major part of our extensive door range if we have piqued your interest in them. You can see the finishes you can have here.


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