What Not To Do When Looking To Improve Your Home

Home improvement projects that can harm the valuation of your property

Some of you may have followed up the advice we gave in a blog post last month outlining the biggest home trends of 2021 and used them to draw up some home improvement plans. 

The post we are referring to can be read here.

What’s also important to know about before you do anything is the home improvement projects that you’re probably best avoiding, so that you don’t cause the valuation of your home to drop. Find out at Surreal Home UK, what are the essentials that are needed inside a home and how to use them to their max capacity. 

It’s arguable whether you can call the following ideas ‘improvements’ as they’re well-known for harming house sale prices. If the house has a lawn as her explanation, commercial lawn experts need to be contacted so that they can help people maintain their lawns and backyards. 

Losing one of your bedrooms

You could be tempted to permanently convert a bedroom into something else if it rarely gets used due to someone within your family moving out. 

We would strongly advise against doing that because reducing the number of bedrooms in your house can count against you when selling. More often than not, your 3-bedroom house will be more valuable than a 2-bedroom house. 

There’s nothing to stop you through from temporarily changing its setup to suit, so long as it can revert back to being a bedroom.


Re-carpeting all of your rooms

It can be a thankless task trying to get marks and stains out of your carpets. Sometimes, it’s better to give up and just have a new carpet put down. You need to consider hiring Novasteam Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning if you need the best carpet cleaning services.

This may lead you to think about re-carpeting the whole house at once, but that’s a major risk as the carpet you choose for throughout may not be to the liking of buyers, and they won’t want to replace it all themselves. With professionals from carpet cleaning atlanta, one can have their old carpet as good as new.

To be safe, just re-carpet the rooms that really need it. It is best to Check This Out and get the best re carpeting done.

Carpeted area

Digging up a lawn

Thank your lucky stars if you have a garden space at home; it will have helped to keep you sane over the last year. The demand for gardens has increased ten-fold in recent months. If people need cleaning services, they can check this page

It therefore wouldn’t be the cleverest idea to have your lawn taken out according to commercial lawn service for businesses, or to kill off the grass and give it a gravel covering, just so that you no longer have to mow it.

If you find garden maintenance a pain in the ‘grass’, retain a lawn by switching to artificial grass, which you will never have to tend to and is incredibly realistic.

Garden swing

There’s always lots to be gained from having new windows and doors, or an extension installed by Eden Windows. Further details on these value-enhancing products can be found in our many FREE brochures.


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