Once the work has been completed, your relationship with Eden doesn’t end there. Our Aftercare team is on hand to look after you and your products throughout our market-leading 10 Year Guarantee.


The Eden 10 year guarantee offers you complete value for money and a lifetime of reassurance. Our Extreme Range comes with a 20 year Guarantee, for that extra reassurance.

Windows, doors, conservatories and orangeries are not your everyday purchase and as such, neither is our guarantee. We’re able to provide such a commitment to you and your home because our products are both designed and manufactured to last. We want to ensure you get the most out of your property for decades to come.

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Looking after your products helps them looking and performing at their best for years to come. To help homeowners care for their new products, we’ve created a series of bitesize guides, hints and tips that will enable you to keep your glass and frames in perfect shape.

Check out our Helpful Guides section for more.

Aftercare - Cleaning


Condensation occurs naturally. Generally, these little droplets of moisture shouldn’t be of concern.

Condensation forms when vapour in the air meets a colder surface, such as a windows, mirror or a tiled floor or wall. This is a normal process and when condensation appears on the external pane of your windows, it signifies that your new windows are performing as they should – keeping cold air out and keeping the inside of your home nice and warm. Only if condensation forms between the panes of a double- or triple-glazed unit should you be concerned. 

We’ve gone into further detail in one of our myth-busting guides to home improvements. Please see our ‘guides and advice.’ section for more.

Aftercare Condensation


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