Would You Adam And Eden It? More Stunning Door Transformations

We love seeing the look on Kent homeowners faces when they see how much our products transform their property.

We’re constantly raising smiles across the eden, which we did recently when appointed to replace an outdated utility room door at the above home.

Pictured far left, the old door was battered, bruised and in dire need of replacement. Now, you would hardly believe that it is the same utility entrance.

The homeowner opted to have a timber composite door design from within the Solidor range installed; ‘The Flint’.

It has been coated in a classic anthracite grey finish both internally and externally (good lighting on the outside) with a contrasting frame.

The difference between the old and new door really is night and day. It looks considerably more stylish and it will offer far greater security.

Below is a further door transformation we did lately.

Eden old garage door

Previously a garage door, we fitted a timber composite door in its place, again finished in anthracite grey.

The elongated door handle is a real stand-out feature of the design, and most pleasingly for the occupants, the door won’t need any looking after as it’s completely maintenance-free; as are all our doors coincidentally!

Now is a fantastic time of the year to think about replacing your old doors before winter arrives.

The thermal insulation an Eden door provides will ensure that any coldness from the outdoors cannot get in and heat loss will be vastly reduced.

See the full door range at our Kent showroom where we also showcase several other offerings from our vast range of home improvements.


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