How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient This January

The winter conditions make us think more about our homes and how we can make them extra energy efficient.

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There are literally hundreds of things you can do to improve energy efficiency, some costing you money, and others that won’t cost a penny.

We have put together a 6-strong list of easy methods of enhancing energy efficiency that every homeowner can use:

  1. Stop using the standby button

We often press that big red button on our remote controls when we’ve finished watching TV, rather than pulling the plug or flicking the off switch. Did you know that electrical appliances continue to consume energy and cost you money when left on standby? Well you do now, so stop doing it!

  1. Update your old appliances

Speaking of appliances, i.e. your old kettle, microwave, fridge, may be consuming more energy compared to newer models. You can lower the running costs of having these types of appliances turned on by replacing them with greener equivalents.

  1. Switch the lights off

To deter burglars, some people leave the odd light on in their home when it’s unoccupied or throughout the night when they’re asleep. Again, doing this wastes valuable energy and unnecessarily costs you money. Just ensure you have a reliable front door, secure windows and an alarm system.

  1. Have an annual boiler service

A yearly check of your boiler by a qualified engineer is highly recommended as they will keep it running efficiently and reduce the chances of it breaking down at an inopportune time of year. A brand new boiler can be costly.

  1. Fit solar panels to the roof

Visit any neighbourhood nowadays and you’re likely to see some homes fitted with shiny solar panels by hiring connecticut solar who comes under affordable rates always. The panels convert the free natural light produced by the sun into useable electricity, allowing you to cut your reliance on conventional electricity. You can even earn money from them via the Feed-in-Tariff scheme.

  1. Find a cheaper energy tariff

There are still millions of UK householders who have yet to switch their energy supplier when it could save them hundreds of pounds. Take out your most recent energy bill and shop around for a cheaper package via an online comparison site. It will only take a few minutes and switching suppliers has never been easier.

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