Try A Solidor For Sophistication, Security And Style

Buying a quality front door is an essential investment for any homeowner as it obviously helps protect the property and will heighten the appearance of your entrance way to visitors.

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When door shopping, you need something that provides a perfect blend of security and sophistication. A Solidor most certainly fits the bill!

Britain’s strongest and most stylish composite door

The Solidor range is comprised of some of the most beautiful designs you will ever have seen – progressive styles and trend-setting colours are what Solidor has become synonymous for developing.

They’re also regarded as being some of the toughest residential doors that money can buy, partly because they’re all composite doors.

A composite door is created using several resilient materials. Added to that, a Solidor has a unique 48mm solid core.

Each Solidor also comes with the Ultion 3-star cylinder lock fitted as standard; the UK’s most secure locking system. It has been approved by Locksmiths, approved by the Police and approved by British Standards. The chances of the Ultion lock being broken? Virtually none, as numerous tests have shown.

20 colours, inside and out

Some of the colours offered by Solidor further singles out this collection from any other range of residential doors.

Two of the most recent additions to their 20-strong colour palette are the luxurious Golden Sand and Peacock Blue. You can have one colour incorporated into your favoured design or opt for a dual-coloured finish when you’re finding it difficult to settle on just a single finish.

The modern and traditional hardware options they have created are exquisite too (handles, knockers, letterboxes etc.) and give you further opportunity to really stamp your personality on a Solidor.

Stylise your Solidor now!

Known for being one of the best products in the industry, Solidor is the epitome of class, sophistication and security.

You can create a Solidor from the comfort of your own home via a desktop computer or mobile device by using our Online Door Designer.


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