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With less than five weeks to go until Christmas Day have you got that festive feeling yet? If not, you need to try and get into the spirit of things and decorating your house might put you in a Christmassy mood.

It’s something that the whole family can get involved in and with December 1st falling on a Saturday it seems a fitting date to pencil in as your decorating day.

Putting up a Christmas tree is of course obligatory but don’t stop there! Give the whole house a magical Christmas makeover, inside and outside, and who knows, if Santa loves what he sees on Christmas morning he may just leave you with a few more presents than you expected.

Eden has a few decorating ideas that you’re free to pinch…

Dress up your front door

Your front door is a strong focal point and it will have extra prominence if you dress it up for the occasion.

You could hang a Christmas wreath to it, real or fake. Most people tend to prefer a fake Christmas wreath as it requires less looking after than a real one, but either way, it should feature things like baubles, fairy lights, pine cones, red coloured ribbon etc.

A new trend has emerged though if Christmas wreaths seem a dated concept and that’s to add a big bow to your door – click here to see a good example.

Display Christmas cards creatively

Instead of just putting the Christmas cards you receive on your mantelpiece or hanging them on a fixed piece of string, be imaginative by applying some sticky tape to the back of them and sticking them to a very visible bit of wall.

For instance, you could organise them in a way that replicates the shape of a Christmas tree with one card at the bottom and then multiple rows above it consisting of further cards as you reach the top of the tree.

Decorate the dining table

Aside from the exchanging of gifts, the showpiece event of the day is the Christmas dinner and if you’re playing host this year you should add a few Christmassy touches to your dinner table.

This could involve scattering a sprinkling of snowflake confetti to your table covering, having bauble or mini wreath place name holders for all of your diners and putting a Christmas-inspired table arrangement in the centre.

Don’t forget to set out the Christmas crackers too!


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