Our Extreme Solid Core Door doesn’t just look amazing – it ensures that your family is kept safe and secure.

At Eden Windows, we’re fully aware that the doorway market is saturated with almost unending configuration and style choices – and this has meant that we had to design something that would stand out from the crowd on its own merits. To this end, we came up with the Extreme Solid Core Door. It boasts 16 layers of carefully laminated timber and a 48mm completely solid core, which combines three key attributes: strength, style and functionality. This exceptionally secure layered approach reduces the threat of any break-ins and looks fantastic while doing so.

While the modern world may be unpredictable, it’s safe to say that the classics never go out of style. Our Extreme Solid Core Doors combine strength and style to keep our customers’ property safe while their premises look great. We’ve liaised with customers to deliver a door that is durable, secure and features an auto-engage lock to offer additional safety.

Extreme Solid Core Door