3 Home Trends To Follow This Summer

Summer Trends

The summer holidays are close and you may have made the decision to, happily or regrettably, not go away and spend a week or two at home instead to refresh.

If you’re not sure how to occupy the time, how about channelling some of the energy you have into improving your property?

We can alert you to a trio of top home trends to help, all of which are concentrated on making home spaces more tranquil places to be. Being within this type of environment will do your wellbeing the world of good.

Self-care spaces

Prioritise yourself and create a space indoors where you can do your favourite hobby and be away from the usual hustle and bustle of life for an hour or two.

Yoga is an amazing activity for de-stressing and maintaining fitness and extending the house to make a dedicated room for it could be a lifeline. Unwind further after your relaxing yoga sessions with a spot of reading, doing it next to a large window.

Demand for spa-like bathrooms has risen recently too, as people go in search of serenity. Eden Windows can always add privacy glazing to windows in such areas.

A lady in a conservatory

Biophilic design

Rather than have your home and garden as two very separate entities, follow the biophilic trend of bringing the two closer together and blurring their margins in the process. It can make a house feel bigger and also relieve stress.

It’s done by optimising natural light and ventilation, but how are you best doing that?

Well, a new feature door from Eden Windows would certainly help, with a bi-folding door or sliding patio door great for opening up the house to the garden and drawing in the sun and fresh air.

A seated area next to an extension

Green finishes

When in a green environment you often feel more relaxed and content than you do in certain atmospheres.

Associated with nature, green is a coloured finish that you could have on some newly fitted windows and doors.
Chartwell Green is one of many green shades that we have in our colour palette at Eden Windows.

A window with a green finish

For other fashionable home trends, in addition to the above, get a copy of our Home Edit magazine. Available for FREE, it also features several real-life customer projects. Download it here.


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