An Overview Of Flush Casement Windows & Non-Flush Windows

An Overview Of Flush Casement Windows & Non-Flush Windows

When you come to buy new windows from us for your home, it’s good to know a bit about all our window styles, including our flush casement windows and non-flush casement windows.

The word ‘flush’ is used for those casements that have a flush finish, which is such because their window sashes sit flush with the window frame, giving them a perfectly flat surface.

A casement without the word ‘flush’ in its name has window sashes that moderately overlap the window frame.

Look at a flush and non-flush casement window from the side and you will see what we mean.

When did flush and non-flush designs emerge?

Flush windows came after non-flush windows, having first been developed in the 19th century when they would be built using timber. Now you know why so many late Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian properties have timber flush windows.

Go back a century earlier and that’s when non-flush casements came into existence. They would be constructed by blacksmiths, who would fashion them out of iron, not timber, UPVC or aluminium like we do today.

A set of casement windows

Why are flush windows really popular again?

Eden Windows has definitely been a driving force behind the recent revival of flush windows as we were one of the first companies to recognise the rise in demand for windows with a different aesthetic that can make homes stand out.

Our flush window is designed to replicate the styling of a traditional flush casement window, so it has the exact same lines and proportions. But the difference is that we can manufacture it from UPVC and aluminium and not just timber.

A close-up of a flush casement window frame

Which of the two will be best for my property?

A set of flush UPVC windows could be the answer to your prayers if you live in a conservation area and are desperately trying to find a window replacement, as planners will usually approve of their use because they’re so closely modelled on the design of a traditional flush casement.

Flush sash windows are also a favourite choice of people living in modern buildings due to their superb symmetry – Black and Anthracite Grey being the top two colour options for such projects.

In all honesty, a standard casement window will match just about any old or new home.

An oak effect flush casement window

Ask for a product demo when you visit our Gillingham showroom to help you select between a flush and non-flush design.


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