Open Up Your Home With Bi-Folding Doors

Open plan living becomes a highly desirable type of lifestyle when the sun is beating down and temperatures are at their warmest. Some householders will implement it by linking their living area and dining space or kitchen.

Bi-Folding Doors Kitchen Area

An alternative is to install bi-folding doors between your home and garden to open up the house, bring the outside in and make the garden a true part of the house.

Take full advantage when you have the wall space available to insert them into the building as bi-folding doors offer a number of other benefits:

Countless arrangements

A bi-folding door can be comprised of just two door leafs or up to seven door leafs if you have a generous aperture. You will also be given the final say on whether the door leafs open inwardly or outwardly when operated. When partially opened they will occupy space, so choose an inward or outward opening based on how much space you have internally or externally in their vicinity. Last of all, you will be asked if you want the door to open from the left or right. There are so many possibilities, so explore them all.

Beautiful perspective

Never before will you have viewed your garden from such a beautiful perspective as the one provided by a set of bi-folding doors when open or closed. When pushed completely open to one side they will only take up 10% of wall space so that you get a vast opening to admire the outdoors. When completely closed shut the view will be no less stunning as the design consists of incredibly slender aluminium frames and very lengthy panes of glass.

Brighter home

As a consequence of the super trim frames and giant glazed areas, lots of natural light will force its way into your living space. Light is proven at creating the illusion of spaciousness which is a big bonus if your interior currently feels a little restricted. They will make a marked difference from the point of installation.

Low maintenance

Aluminium is weather-resistant and can therefore withstand whatever the weather throws at it without its performance or appearance deteriorating. The only form of maintenance you will need to do is wipe any noticeable dirt off the frames with a wet cloth and clean the glass with a suitable cleaning agent when smears appear. However, for through cleaning, you can get a cleaning session done by commercial power washing company you can trust.

Eden Windows has the best of bi-folds

If you’re unfamiliar with how beneficial bi-folding doors will be then we suggest you visit Kent showroom where you’re free to try them out for yourself.


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