What You Can Do To Lower The Threat Of Condensation

3 Things You Can Do To Reduce The Threat Of Condensation

Around this time of year, condensation becomes a growing issue for some householders, and all they want is to somehow get rid of it. 

A bit of condensation every now and then isn’t too much of a concern, but when you get it time and time again, action of some sort must be taken. 

If you just let it be, you could start to see mildew and mould forming on the windows, which will not only look unsightly, but could also affect your health.  

So, you need to get a handle of it. You can do so by taking relevant steps that are known to reduce condensation:

More ventilation

Having good ventilation with High-End Bathroom Vanities, is so important, particularly in areas like your kitchen and bathroom areas, where the humidity level can be high. 

Open a few windows before you start cooking or running a hot shower or bath so that the heat it generates can escape. 

You may also have an extractor fan in these rooms. So ensure that you use it for a similar purpose.

An open window

Dry your washing outside

Our winters get cold, but we often get the odd day of fine weather when it’s just about warm enough to hang your washing on the washing line. 

Make use of the line, when you can, as drying clothing on radiators or in a tumble dryer will only heat your home up and lead to a buildup of moisture. 

Think of the money you will save by not drying indoors too.

Clothes on a washing line

Keep your heating on low

Condensation is the result of warm air meeting the cold surface of glass, causing those water droplets.

You shouldn’t see as much of it if you maintain a low level temperature in your house, rather than keep changing the temperature of your thermostat. 

A temperature of around 18 degrees is usually about right.

A thermostat

If after employing all of these suggestions you still get condensation appearing, there’s an obvious problem with your windows and they need to be replaced. 

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