Solid Roof vs Polycarbonate Roof: Which Should You Invest In?

A conservatory needs to be designed perfectly if it is to satisfy a householder’s desire to utilise their new living space at any time of the day and any time of the year.

Solid Roof Edwardian Conservatory

Without the right sort of roofing system that is unlikely to be the case as the roof covering is one of the most fundamental parts of a conservatory – if the roof doesn’t perform, nor will the extension. People can also have a peek at this web-site for the best roofing replacements and services.

We tell our customers that so they have their minds firmly fixed on getting the right roof and in our mind, a solid tiled roof is a much better option than a traditional polycarbonate roof.

Why do we say that? Our justification for saying ‘”solid” and not “polycarbonate” comes down to the following points:

Energy efficiency

Traditional polycarbonate roofed conservatories get extremely hot in summer and unbearably cold in winter and no-one wants to spend their time in a place like that.

A solid roof will ensure you of comfortable year-round conservatory living as the tiles / slates used offer appropriate thermal efficiency no matter what conditions are like outside, whether it’s cracking the flags, raining cats and dogs or immeasurably icy. It will also restrict and virtually eliminate the chances of heat loss.

Sound insulation

When heavy rainfall comes into contact with a polycarbonate roof the noise it generates can be enough to give anyone a headache. External noise in general caused by e.g. noisy neighbours, traffic etc. can also easily make its way through a polycarbonate covering.

The acoustic insulation provided by a solid roof will give you the peace and tranquillity that you envisage enjoying in a conservatory.


Translucent, rather than transparent glass is used in a polycarbonate roof and it isn’t the prettiest thing in the world to look at.

There’s a big difference in appearance between a polycarbonate roof and solid roof as the latter features tiles / slates in traditional coloured finishes. If you saw the two roofing systems either side of each other, we would expect you to deem a solid roof the most aesthetically-pleasing option.


The weather can also take its toll on the condition of a polycarbonate roof and leave it looking somewhat ugly. You may also have to see to the repair of any leaks that occur because of it being constantly exposed to the elements, something that polycarbonate roofs are prone to.

There’s literally no maintenance necessary with a solid roof as the tiles / slates are weather-resistant and can withstand anything the weather throws at them over a sustained period of time.


Solid roofs always get our vote at Eden Windows and that’s why they’re a key part of our impressive range. If they get your vote too, ask for a FREE quote for a solid roof.



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