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Spook The Neighbours With These Halloween-Decorating Tips

8th October 2021

Can you believe that it’s almost Halloween? It sure has creeped up on us all, but, thankfully, you still have plenty of time to decorate your house in spook-tacular fashion.  To put shivers up people’s spines doesn’t necessarily need to cost you a lot of time, money and effort. Some small fang-tastic touches to your...

How To Get Your House Ready For Autumn

16th September 2021

Autumn is well and truly on the way. Coffee shops have added pumpkin-spiced drinks back on the menu, the sun is setting much earlier and there’s a definite chill in the air. After the summer we’ve had, it’s hard to believe autumn is around the corner. Make sure your house is autumn-ready by following our...

What You Can Do To Lower The Threat Of Condensation

8th September 2021

Around this time of year, condensation becomes a growing issue for some householders, and all they want is to somehow get rid of it.  A bit of condensation every now and then isn’t too much of a concern, but when you get it time and time again, action of some sort must be taken.  If...

Check Our Collections Range - Three Superior Window & Door Suites

12th August 2021

We regularly expand our product range to provide our customers with even more choice and one of our most recent product launches has been the introduction of our collections range.  The collections range covers three individual suites – Extreme, Envisage and Eclipse.  We’d like to give you a short breakdown of each of these offerings,...

3 Home Improvement Suggestions For The Smaller Home

1st August 2021

You very rarely hear anyone complaining that they have too much space at home; it’s usually the opposite and them wishing that they had more of it.  It’s not helpful that over the last 40 years, new-build homes in the UK have shrunk in size by around 20%, and they may shrink some more in...

How To Create An Insta-Worthy Front Door

14th July 2021

It’s very unlikely that someone would turn up their nose at your home if you have an attractive front door.  You, yourself, may have been guilty at some point of judging someone’s house purely by the look of their entrance – it’s human nature.  That tells you how important it is to have an appealing...

Home Improvements At A Snip - Our Summer Savings Promotion Is Now On

1st July 2021

We’re well known in the area for supplying home improvement products like windows and doors at amazing prices, and those low prices have just become even more reasonable.  That’s because we have launched a huge Summer Savings promotion, with money taken off virtually everything within the Eden Windows range. Do you have ideas like what...

How To Get A Lovely Feeling Of Summer Indoors At Home

21st June 2021

  There’s nothing like a bit of sunshine to brighten your mood, and we have had plenty of it during the opening part of June. Long may it continue, we say!  You will know only too well that when it’s light, warm and sunny, it somehow makes you feel more energised, and almost like you...

3 DIY Projects We Believe Anyone Can Do This Summer

15th June 2021

The thought of doing some DIY strikes fear into a lot of homeowners, and we can understand that as most of us have had a DIY disaster of some kind.  You need to get over it though and face your fear of DIY head on, as believe or not, many DIY projects you can do...

Why Bi-Folding Doors Are A Must For The Summer Months

15th May 2021

We’ve sold an awful lot of bi-folding doors recently and we think that many of those buying them are doing so because they are getting their property ready for a homecation this summer.  A holiday at home can easily make up for missing out on a journey abroad – so long as you’re together with...

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