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Try A Solidor For Sophistication, Security And Style

23rd October 2017

Buying a quality front door is an essential investment for any homeowner as it obviously helps protect the property and will heighten the appearance of your entrance way to visitors. When door shopping, you need something that provides a perfect blend of security and sophistication. A Solidor most certainly fits the bill! Britain’s strongest and...

Add A Porch At The Front Or Rear For Extra Space

10th October 2017

There comes a point for many families when they start to outgrow their property and simply run out of space. Decluttering the house may help as we’re all guilty of holding onto things that you we no longer utilise or want, but only to a certain extent in most instances. The integration of a porch...

Looking for a country style door? Have you considered a Stable door or Timber door?

12th September 2017

If you have a country home which needs a new door but you want to make sure it’s in keeping with the style of your home, why not get a Stable or Timber door. You can be sure that you’ll receive the highest quality service and products, when you choose Eden.  Stable Doors A Stable...

What Is A Roof Light?

23rd August 2017

One of the many products that we stock in our extensive and growing product range is the Atlas Flat Rooflight. You may be unacquainted with the rooflight but to put it in simple terms, a rooflight is ‘a window built into a roof’. It could be integrated into a loft that you use as a...

How To Give Your Old Conservatory A New Lease Of Life

27th July 2017

The first time you walked inside your then newly installed conservatory is a moment that you have probably never forgotten. You couldn’t be blamed for being overcome with excitement. But do you still get that same sense of excitement now? If the honest answer is no then you know that your old conservatory needs revamping....

Transform Your Home With An Eden Skylight

17th July 2017

There’s no question that exposure to natural sunlight energises us and usually puts a spring in our step. This makes it important to embrace the added hours of daylight we receive throughout the summer months. If your property is suitably positioned, natural sunlight very obviously drives through the windows and doors of your house. Any...

A Homeowner's Guide To Orangeries

11th July 2017

The very first orangeries can be dated back to the 17th Century when they were originally used for growing orange trees. Nowadays they’re used as very luxurious extended living spaces and are renowned for offering greater solidity than a traditional conservatory. Two trademark features of a modern orangery are its exposed brickwork and the lantern...

Revamp Your Conservatory With A Tiled Roof

29th June 2017

Thousands of conservatories are left unused over the summer months and the reason is because they get far too hot inside. It’s the same story in winter. The freezing cold weather easily passes through the roofing system and causes conservatory interiors to feel incredibly cold. No-one wants to lounge and relax in a conservatory that...

Replacement Windows To Suit Every Home In Kent

21st June 2017

Buying a brand new set of windows for your home is harder than you may think when you contemplate the three main considerations. Choosing the right finish Choosing the right functionality Choosing the right style Replacement windows must satisfy each of these in order for them to successfully integrate into your home. It helps to...

What Is A Loggia?

7th June 2017

We have incorporated many new products into our range over the past few years but the Loggia conservatory has arguably created the biggest storm. Offering a design that’s part conservatory, part orangery, the Loggia is heavily influenced by the Italian Renaissance period and the work of one of the leading architects of that time, Filippo...

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