Are Your Windows Successfully Fighting The Winter Chill?

You will very easily be able to tell if they are or not. Stand close to your windows and see if you can feel any cold air coming through them, or light a candle and if the flame flickers strongly, your windows aren’t doing a good enough job of keeping the weather out.

Triple Glazing

When there are experts like Universal Windows Direct of Syracuse, don’t take risks. Don’t just put up with the problem and take to wearing a few extra layers of clothing – deal with it head-on and buy new energy efficient double or triple glazed windows from Eden Windows.

Our replacement window and window repair range is the most comprehensive you will come across in Kent and South London, with solutions ranging from our EXTREME window suite to ‘Envisage’ flush casements.

What they all share in common is their ability to keep draughts out and insulate spaces at the same time.   

We naturally tend to spend more time at home during the winter months, so yours should be a consistently cosy retreat, which it will be once new windows have been fitted.

And a full window replacement will also provide other winter-related benefits too…

Noise Cancelling

When cuddled up on the sofa with your loved one watching Strictly on the telly or savouring a hot chocolate, you don’t want external noise to be an audible hindrance, but it will be if you only have single glazed windows.

Upgrading to double or triple glazing will be a fine soundproofing measure and reduce the amount of noise you can hear caused by noisy passers-by or busy traffic.

Cheaper Energy

Christmas will soon be here, so it’s time that you started buying presents. However, you might be financially restricted when present-buying because of the increasing expensiveness of your energy bills. Your windows will largely be at fault for that.

Every one of our window styles has a very high Window Energy Rating (WER), so they will keep more of the heat produced by your boiler in, and also keep draughts out, resulting in a reduction in your fuel costs, freeing up money for you to spend on Christmas goodies.


Winter doesn’t officially begin until the Winter Solstice on 21st December, but we’ve already experienced some adverse weather, and more of it will inevitably come. When it does, your windows need to be able to withstand it and not lose their look.

We manufacture our windows from UPVC and aluminium, both maintenance-free materials. So, when you can see traces of the winter weather on them, you can just wipe them clean, rather than have to restore their frames.


Get new windows that will have the upper hand on the winter weather from Eden Windows, before it’s too late. You’re only a FREE quote away from securing them.


Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our Gillingham Showroom in Kent, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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