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Why You Should Update Your Windows This Summer

It’s very easy to overlook the appearance and condition of the windows fitted to your home in winter when the days get dark so early, but it’s impossible to ignore the state they’re in during the summer months when daylight hours are so long.

Georgian Style Windows

Windows are such a strong focal point at every home and once they exhibit the first signs of ageing they should be replaced.

We say that with plenty justification as the benefits of installing replacement windows really do speak for themselves.

Improved aesthetics

It will almost be like setting your eyes on a brand new home once we have taken out your existing windows and put brand new shiny new windows in their place. The fabulous coloured finish applied to the window frame will gleam in the sunshine and make you house proud once again.

Improved security

Is it only natural to be concerned about the welfare of your home when you’re away from it, but you won’t need to feel like that anymore. Our entire window range comes with the very latest secure technology including multipoint locks and all double and triple glazed windows are internally beaded.

Improved value

A lot of buyers would have second thoughts about moving into a property that is in desperate need of new windows as they would be liable for the cost involved in changing them. They’re far more likely to be interested if you have already fitted new windows before placing the house on the market. Just remember that the money you spend on any new windows is likely to be recouped when selling.

Minimal upkeep

Wooden windows require constant care and attention as they’re susceptible to rotting over time without upkeep. We manufacture our window range in both UPVC and aluminium and they’re both weather-resistant materials. No rotting will occur and no repainting will ever be required, only the occasional wiping of the frame with a wet cloth to remove any marks.

Get windows that will last 10+ summers and more

You won’t find a more diverse window range anywhere else but at Eden Windows in Kent & South East London and you get a 10 year guarantee. Come and see our full choice of replacement windows at our stylish showrooms and we’ll get your home looking sensational this summer.



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