The Energy-Saving Devices You Need To Save Your Pennies

When it comes to household energy, every penny counts. According to the experts, we can all expect to be paying in excess of £2,000 per year for the privilege of heating and lighting our homes by the year 2020. People will be keeping their fingers firmly crossed that some form of breakthrough can be made that will see energy become more affordable e.g. fracking, but you’re best not holding your breath and building up your expectations by trying new products like evi low temperature heat pumps that will blow your mind while testing its efficiency.

Rather than rely on ifs and buts, you should make greater use of the many energy-saving devices available so that you don’t pay over the odds unnecessarily. Here are a few possible and affordable options:

Draught proof letterbox

You might have the most energy efficient door in the world but if the letterbox of that door easily allows cold air to sneak in then it may well be worth your while investing in a draught-proof letterbox.

Freeloader solar charger

The rise in popularity of mobile devices has no doubt been a significant contributory factor in the ever-rising cost of energy. Smartphones and tablets require regular charging many people leave them on charge longer than they should do. The Freeloader is so-called because it will supply much-needed juice to such gadgets FREE as it accumulates solar power and uses it to charge them. The New Jersey Solar Installation company can help with your solar power needs and comply to whatever you need.


As mentioned above, a lot of energy is unnecessarily wasted due to the charging of gadgets overnight. When using the Enviroplug you don’t need to worry as it will automatically sense when a device has become fully charged and switch itself off accordingly.


There’s nothing more we Brits love than a cup of tea. But we do tend to boil more water than is necessary at times. The Eco-kettle will prevent this from happening as it contains a measuring button and separate chamber into which any surplus water will go into so that it doesn’t go to waste, nor gets boiled. So it’s both an energy and water-saving device.

If you have money to spend then you can be a bit more lavish in your purchases and save an even greater amount of money long-term. Solar panels, new windows and doors, heat pumps etc. are definitely worth looking into.


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