The Conservatory Is The Place For Festive Family Fun

The countdown to Christmas seems to start earlier each year. Our major supermarkets have already released their respective Christmas TV campaigns, card shops are full to the brim with festive decorations and accessories, and venture out into your village, town or city and you’re likely to hear some shops blasting out Wizzard, Slade or Band Aid.

Whether you like it or not, Christmas is fast approaching and you need to get forward planning ahead of Santa’s arrival now.

Obviously, drawing up a list of potential presents for those closest to you should be the top priority to start, and then you need to begin considering where you are going to spend your Christmas Day and who with.

If you relish the idea of cooking the Christmas dinner and inviting the entire family round to yours, then you need to start asking people and getting final numbers so that you can prepare accordingly and ensure that there will be enough food and drink to go round.

Once everyone has confirmed, you need to then figure out where you’re going to seat everyone for the turkey dinner as it would be highly embarrassing if people turn up, only to find that you have nowhere to accommodate them. Emergency chairs just won’t suffice.

For maximum spaciousness how about consider hosting proceedings inside your conservatory?

Upon their arrival at your home, you could first of all greet your guests by inviting them to assemble in the living room with a few drinks and little nibbles, before asking them to if they would mind making their way into your home extension.

Make sure that your conservatory has been thoroughly decorated beforehand; a few fairy lights here and there, scented candles lit on the side, perhaps a wreath attached to the glass, and most important of all, a Christmas tree set-up in the corner. Just watch their reaction as they step inside, it’s sure to be priceless.

Once dinner has been and passed and you’ve watched the Queen’s speech, clear everything away and revert back into the conservatory for a few party games stretching long into the night, always a winner with a few more drinks and snacks to hand.

You can make this a Christmas that you all speak of with great fondness for years to come.


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