Thames Water Fishes For £29 Rise In Water Bills

Water bills could be on the increase for almost 14 million households in the South of England after Thames Water approached watchdog Ofwat proposing a £29 rise in water bills due to rising debts and overrunning costs on the £4billion Thames Tideway Tunnel.

The average water bill in the south currently stands at £354 which when factored in with rising gas and electricity prices, amounts to a decent percentage of most householders’ outgoings.

Whether Ofwat agree to the changes is yet to be decided but it’s a useful reminder to homeowners that they need to limit the quantity of water they utilise in their home if they want to avoid being charged a fortune for the privilege.

Eden Windows has put together a useful selection of water-saving tips that you should take heed of:

– Try and limit the amount of times you flush your toilet. Toilet flushing accounts for around a third of overall household water consumption.
– When brushing teeth many people leave the tap running. Turn it off whilst doing so.
– Invest in one or more water butts to collect and store rainwater that you can use for watering the garden or washing the car.
– Avoid washing plates and cutlery under a running tap. Fill the sink or a basin with the necessary amount of water or pop them in the dishwasher.
– Fully load your dishwasher instead of washing in dribs and drabs.
– Collect any cold water generated when waiting for water to turn hot in some bottles and use in some way.
– Cut down on the frequency and amount of time you spend in the shower. Similarly, reduce the number of baths you take.
– Purchase one of the many shower and tap water-saving devices available on the market. Do have a routine check-up of your plumbing from Shower regrouting melbourne as they will make sure that the water management control is always stable.

Spending less money on water will give you money you can spend in other ways such as making improvements to your home.

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