See In 2014 Inside Your Conservatory

Hasn’t the year absolutely flown by? The start of a brand New Year is just under four weeks away so if you haven’t begun preparing for New Year’s Eve then do it now before it’s too late.

Going out for New Year’s Eve can be an extremely expensive night out. Not only will you have to pay a fortune to get into a packed nightclub, bar or pub, but it will also more than likely cost you double the normal taxi fare to get home. However, that isn’t to say that you shouldn’t celebrate it in some way.

Why not invite your friends and family round to your house and make use of your conservatory as it’s the perfect occasion for being close to all your loved ones and it’ll save you a great amount of money too if you get everyone to chip in a little bit of cash.

Kick-start your preparations by sending out invites or dropping people a text to inform them of your plans, giving them the exact location and time of arrival.

Then get plenty drinks and nibbles in from your local supermarket and set them up inside and perhaps decorate your home extension with a few New Year’s Eve banners, streamers etc. Don’t forget the music too as you can hardly celebrate the New Year without some tunes before and afterwards, particularly ‘Auld Lang Syne’ when midnight strikes.

A few party games to keep everyone entertained wouldn’t go amiss either, so be prepared to limbo dance or play a few games of Twister throughout the night. Or you could just set up the Kinect or belt out some songs on Sing Star, always a good thing to do once everyone’s had a few drinks.

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