Replacement Windows To Suit Every Home In Kent

Buying a brand new set of windows for your home is harder than you may think when you contemplate the three main considerations.

  • Choosing the right finish
  • Choosing the right functionality
  • Choosing the right style

Replacement windows must satisfy each of these in order for them to successfully integrate into your home.

It helps to have some knowledge of the most popular window designs available via window specialists like Eden Windows before you make a commitment.

Sash Windows


Sash windows were first designed in the late 17th Century and are given the name “sash” because that’s what the movable panels are called.

Because the panels can be manoeuvred up and down or left and right they’re a great option for a homeowner who wants lots of ventilation during the summer months.

You will also find “sliding” sash windows in the product ranges of many windows companies. They contain two sashes, with one gliding up and down behind the other.

Casement Windows

casement window

Casement windows offer a design that will be familiar to most people. They come hinged at the top or side of the frame and provide an outward opening.

Slim frames are another distinctive characteristic of a casement window, but they still manage to provide exceptional durability.

They can be adapted into various styles and can accommodate various types of glass, including double and triple glazing.

Tilt & Turn Windows


Tilt & Turn windows operate just how you would imagine them to. When you tilt the handle the top sash opens inwardly, and when you give it a turn you get an inward opening from the side.

No-one wants to be having to climb a ladder to clean their windows. The inward opening allows you to clean them from the inside of the house.

Having the luxury of a tilt & turn function gives you options so far as ventilation is concerned when the internal temperature feels overly warm and needs cooling.

A world of windows at our Kent showroom

Alongside these three timeless window designs, we also have Residence 9 windows, steel windows, aluminium windows and coloured windows on display in our showroom. We have everything for every home.

You really need to see them to appreciate them and our consultants will be available to give you a helping hand.



Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our Gillingham Showroom in Kent, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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