It Only Takes A Weekend To Tidy Your Home

You may have absolutely no intention of moving home at the moment but who knows, a few years down the line family circumstances may change or you may simply get an urge to move to new surroundings. You can never predict the future that’s for sure.

If ever the time comes when you want or need to sell up for pastures new then you need your home to be in the best possible shape to attract buyer interest and achieve a suitable sale price. That’s why you should always make an effort to regular improve the aesthetic appeal of the property and make any other modifications that could beneficiary in the long-term.

It doesn’t necessarily always have to be something drastic that costs a fortune either. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest of differences.

Here are a few simple suggestions that you could easily do this weekend:


Let’s face it; we’re a nation of hoarders! We’re all guilty of holding onto stuff that we no longer need and not always for sentimental reasons. Much of it takes up space in the home unnecessarily so if you have items that serve zero purpose any more, get rid of them. Make a few trips down to the local tip or if necessary, hire a skip. Your home will feel totally refreshed afterwards and far more spacious.


Your living room, dining room and bathroom should feel vibrant and be bursting with energy. If on the other hand they feel somewhat lifeless and tired, then a fresh coat of paint could be all that’s required to reinvigorate them. Light neutral colours are often the safest option and limit to one or two of them rather than potentially going OTT with five or six different shades.

Clean and repair

Clean your windows and doors, clean any hard flooring, clean your cupboards, clean whatever you can to give your home some sparkle. Get the tool bag out too and fix any of those things around the house that need repairing.

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