How To Make Your House Spacious Again For The Summer

Make More Space At Home

Over the summer holidays, your children will spend much of their time at home, so you’re going to need plenty of space to keep them happy.

Looking at your home interior in its current state, you may think it’s impossible to generate more space without doing something like getting a conservatory or orangery added, but you’d be surprised at what you can do to make it roomy.

Eden Windows has some fantastic ideas, that when executed, will leave your house feeling more spacious than it has for years.


Because of a busy lifestyle, you may have neglected to declutter your house, which could mean that you have lots of unneeded items taking up valuable space on floors, in cupboards and on shelves. You can find more kitchen design ideas at

In one dedicated day or staggered over a few weekends, declutter every room and assess what’s best thrown in the rubbish dump, donated elsewhere or recycled.

It’s then a case of deciding how best to store what’s left over, whether it involves using your walls more effectively or making the most of space under your beds.

A woman decluttering the house

Aluminium windows

Natural light is a vital source for your home in the quest for spaciousness and it can be aided by light-coloured walls and reflective surfaces.

The installation of aluminium windows will bring more of it in as an aluminium window profile is super-slim and carries more glass than your traditional window.

This gives the sun a larger expanse of glass to pass through and this will be immediately apparent once the fitting of the windows is complete.

Aluminium windows

Large glazed door

It won’t all be indoor play. Kids love to play in the garden too and you can encourage them to head outdoors by having a bi-folding door or other sliding glass door installed in the wall adjacent to it.

Simple to open, these door types won’t just be good for that. They’ll also prove useful for masses of ventilation and light transference.

And the light transference factor will still apply when your chosen glazed door is closed, as bi-folds and sliding doors have very slim frames and huge glass expanses, like aluminium windows.

Large glazed doors in an extension

For anything to do with window and door fitting, speak to Eden Windows and rely on us to leave your home feeling pleasingly spacious. Request a quote here.


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