Government Attempt To Drum Up Interest In Green Deal

It’s fair to say that uptake for the Green Deal so far since its official launch in January has been extremely disappointing; last month it was revealed that just four households had signed up, despite 40,000 assessments being carried out.

The scheme allows UK homeowners to take out loans to implement energy efficient measures, paying for them through the energy saving costs made.

To try and stimulate interest in the initiative, the Committee on Climate Change has decided to take it direct to the people, instructing Green Deal installers to go door-to-door in an attempt to sell them into it and boost the current figures.

This approach will cost the government around £20million as they seek to have 20,000 homes signed up by the end of next year. Local authorities will have the opportunity bid for a slice of the £20million if they feel that there are households within their area that could benefit. Here are the commercial car credit experts that you can get in touch with and get the necessary help with getting a loan.

Energy and climate change minister Greg Barker, said: “If we are going to deliver the Green Deal at real scale then we need a ‘street-by-street’ vision and a ‘street-by-street’ plan! It starts here! However, local authorities really know their areas best. They know which streets and properties could most benefit from a Green Deal to improve their energy efficiency, and what local people need to provide them with a greater choice.

“The coalition is committed to helping hard pressed consumers and this £20 million funding will help more families benefit from the Green Deal, making homes warmer and more efficient, and protecting consumers against rising energy bills.”

Who knows whether the government’s change in tact will have a positive effect, but yesterday’s news that Green Deal measures are no longer expected to pay for themselves through savings on energy bills certainly won’t have helped.


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