Go Space Age With Eden Windows

The windows and glazing market is awash with innovation both in terms of product design and fabrication. At the very heart of this innovation is the constant quest to improve window products to make them safer, stronger and more energy efficient. This journey began with the move from single glazed timber windows to double glazed UPVC windows which had a dramatic effect on the home improvement market and the usage of energy in the home. The move from timber to UPVC happened many decades ago and now there is a new material making waves in the industry, one that is in many ways superior to both timber and UPVC.

The material that we are talking about is aluminium; while this has been used in the commercial building world for many years, it is only recently becoming a readily available product for use in residential homes. Eden Windows have always been at the forefront of change and it is no exception when it comes to this new product. If you are interested in aluminium windows in Kent, aluminium doors in Kent or aluminium conservatories in Kent then we are able to help.

It is important to first learn a little bit about why aluminium is heralded in the way that it is and to understand the benefits of using it as a home improvement construction material. The main reason to use aluminium is for its strength, the material is far stronger than the equivalent amount of wood or UPVC and this allows it to be used in far more creative ways. Large conservatories can be constructed, thinner window frames can be used and stronger doors can be designed. Aluminium is also available in any colour you want; it is powder coated during manufacturing and will ensure you get the look that you want for your home.


Everyone is welcome to come in and browse around our Gillingham Showroom in Kent, where our friendly sales team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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