Eden’s Best Energy-Saving Tips

UK households can no longer afford to waste energy. Every single unit of energy generated in your home needs to be utilised, otherwise you can expect to be paying out a fortune on fuel due to the consistently high price rises implemented by our major energy companies.

Though we’re in the midst of summer, when you think about it winter isn’t far away. When the cold weather arrives you can avoid a severe hike in bills by paying more attention to how your home consumes gas and electricity. Eden has put together a few ideas of how you can rely on energy less.

Switch to an alternative supplier

The tendency amongst many Britons is to stay loyal to their energy supplier, but by doing so you could be missing out on valuable savings. Some are put off the idea of switching because they believe it to be a hassle changing to an alternative firm. What some people don’t realise is that moving to a different supplier could save them a huge amount of money annually; 300 pounds per year in some circumstances and it couldn’t be simpler to do.

Check your boiler

Once your boiler reaches a certain age it no longer provides the level of energy efficiency necessary to keep your home warm. Ten-years-old or so and it may well be the time to get it replaced with an ‘A’ rated boiler as it will waste far less energy and pay for itself over time.

Insulate your home

Wall and loft insulation can be very effective and is easy to install. Certain households will be eligible for a grant to enable them to get it fitted.

Lower your thermostat

Turning your thermostat down even by a degree will save you a decent amount of money over the course of the year. You won’t even be able to notice a difference in temperature, only the difference you’re paying for your energy.

Purchase some energy-saving light bulbs

The lifespan of an energy-saving light bulb far exceeds that of a traditional light bulb and it utilises far less energy. Replacing them will be something you only have to do once in a blue moon.

Use less hot water

Limit the number of times you take a bath during the year and shorten the length of time you spend in the shower. Also, ensure that there are no leaking taps in your house, giving them a strong turn each time you finish using them.

Update your appliances

The older your appliances are, the more likely it is that they won’t be as energy efficient as they need to be nowadays. Exchange any old washing machines, kettles, dishwashers, fridges, freezers etc. and buy an ‘A’ rated replacement.

Change your mind-set too. Ensure appliances and lights are turned off at night, don’t overcharge your mobile devices, don’t over boil your kettle etc. etc. A new set of windows would help too which you can buy from Eden Windows.

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