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For A More Energy Efficient Home Try A+ Windows

Colder weather beckons as there is very noticeable chill in the air. You may already be feeling the cold inside your home if you have yet to fit energy efficient windows.

Just imagine how chilly your interior will be once we hit the middle of winter! If that has sent a shiver down your spine, please don’t panic! There is still time to install A+ Plus windows before temperatures dip sharply.

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What are A+ Plus windows?

The British Fenestration Rating Council is the premier UK authority for independently verified ratings of energy efficient windows and doors.

They developed an energy labelling system so that homeowners can easily identify the standard of energy efficiency provided by the windows they buy – A+ Plus is now the most energy efficient, E the least efficient.

A+ Plus windows have only recently been launched and if you have the available finances, we strongly recommend that you invest in them as not only will they improve energy efficiency, but they will also:

  1. Cut the cost of energy bills

After replacing your old windows for A+ Plus windows you will become far less dependent on your boiler system. Using your heating less frequently will inevitably result in the cost of your energy bills dropping. You will save a great amount of money over their 20 year+ lifespan.

  1. Lower your carbon footprint

We’re regularly reminded that we should be doing all we can to protect the environment and its most valuable resources. A+ Plus windows will help you do that as reduced boiler usage means less burning of fossil fuels.

  1. Accommodate double and triple glazing

Double glazing was the standard in this country until a few years ago companies like us began stocking triple glazing. Previously the reserve of the world’s coldest countries, triple glazing has taken off as homeowners strive for maximum insulation in their property. It can easily be incorporated into A+ Plus windows.

  1. Improve home security

Are you somewhat twitchy about leaving your home unoccupied? If you have secure windows then you have no reason to feel any anxiety. A+ Plus windows are fitted with up-to-the-minute locks, handles, and hinges to deter thieves.

Hurry and get your A+ Plus windows today

Who knows when the weather will really take a turn for the worse? Before it really begins to bite, obtain a quote for A+ Plus windows now from the region’s favourite window specialists, Eden Windows.

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