The cost of energy continues to rise and many homes in Tunbridge Wells find themselves in fuel poverty because of poorly insulated windows. This trend is only set to worsen if homeowners continue to persist with their old windows. Eden Windows urges all homeowners in Tunbridge Wells to look at replacing their old rotten timber windows and invest in quality double glazing as it is a proven way of driving down the cost of energy.

Eden Windows replacement UPVC windows increase energy efficiency in the home as they allow little or no heat to escape from your property in Tunbridge Wells. They will also utilise heat generated by the sun and transfer it in to your Tunbridge Wells home at a comfortable temperature so that you can be less reliant on your boiler.

As well as promoting energy efficiency, reducing your carbon footprint and being environmentally-friendly, Eden Windows will also make your home in Tunbridge Wells more secure.

Each window design that comes off Eden Windows production line is fitted with a sophisticated and resilient locking mechanism. When locked, any threat of intrusion via your windows will be reduced dramatically as the glass inserted into each UPVC frame can only be removed from the outside and the lock is virtually tamper-proof.

Any homeowner who purchases double glazing from Eden Windows will also be taken aback by just how they can revitalise their home in Tunbridge Wells aesthetically. Once fitted, your new replacement windows will give your property a fresh new look. They also require very little maintenance as all UPVC replacement windows are weather-resistant.