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Transform Your Home With An Eden Skylight

There’s no question that exposure to natural sunlight energises us and usually puts a spring in our step. This makes it important to embrace the added hours of daylight we receive throughout the summer months.

Atlas Flat Rooflights

If your property is suitably positioned, natural sunlight very obviously drives through the windows and doors of your house. Any shortage of sunshine indoors that causes rooms to feel dim can be resolved by adding a skylight to your interior to explode them into life.

Skylights are an enduring favourite…

A skylight, roof window, roof light, roof lantern, whatever you want to call it, can be assimilated into virtually any room in the house to help give it a fantastic injection of light.

The very first skylights were used in the 16th Century by wealthy aristocrats to help them grow their citrus trees. During the Victorian era, they were a common feature in terraced properties, but in those days were mostly constructed from wood.

In the present day, skylights are generally made from lightweight aluminium and offer far more slender sightlines, allowing more glass to be inserted, and subsequently allow more light to pass through them.

Size up your choice of skylight

They come in various sizes giving you the option of having a skylight that almost stretches across the entirety of an orangery or occupies minimal roof space in the ceiling of a compact kitchen or dining area.

The transparency of the glass within a skylight also gives you the most amazing views of the skies, perfect for when you want to unwind by gazing up at passing planes or watch the stars twinkling at night.

You will also be able to reduce your reliance on artificial light which will bring down the cost of your electricity bills, especially in summer.

Choose from a series of skylights

We have more than one skylight available at Eden Windows. The easiest way of assessing which skylight will best illuminate your home surroundings is to take a trip to our Kent showroom.


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