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Add A Porch At The Front Or Rear For Extra Space

There comes a point for many families when they start to outgrow their property and simply run out of space.

Decluttering the house may help as we’re all guilty of holding onto things that you we no longer utilise or want, but only to a certain extent in most instances.

The integration of a porch to the front or rear of your home could make all the difference as it can act as a storage point.

Front Brick Built Porch

What can you store in a porch?

Coats / Jackets

We live in a naturally cold country, so several coats and jackets should be a staple inclusion in the wardrobes of all British citizens. It’s useful if the coats and jackets you wear most often are located in a front porch that you can easily grab upon exiting.

Hats / Scarves

Speaking of the cold, when temperatures dip so low that there’s a very visible frost outside you may need a hat and scarf to warm the old cockles. Why not hang them up in the porch for when you really need to wrap up.


On average, it rains for 156.2 days per year in the UK which is virtually half of the year. You may have several umbrellas to keep the rain at bay when you’re out and about and there’s nowhere better to keep them than in a porch.


Rather than get it in the neck for walking on the carpet or any laminate flooring with dirty feet, deposit any mucky footwear in the porch before making your way into the house.

Other uses for a porch…


You can’t be in your house all the time, which is inconvenient if you have an important delivery arriving. Some of these deliveries can be deposited by the postman in a porch, just beware that it’s your responsibility if that delivery isn’t accounted for when you stipulate that it can be left in the porch.


Make the best first impression to guests when they walk into your home by decorating and accessorising your porch. Creating a porch design that complements the styling of the property is essential ahead of furnishing the space with a pretty pot plant filled with fragrant flowers or something equally decorative.

Plan your porch now!

You mustn’t forget that a porch installation will also give the front or rear of your property added appeal. Should planning permission or building regulations approval be needed, Eden Windows will organise this on your behalf.

Arrange an appointment with one of our consultants to discuss your porch requirements in more detail.

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