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Roofline that will really enhance your home...

Fascia’s, soffits and associated roofline products are essential components for any property. Exposed to the elements they play a crucial role in protecting the roof space and rafters of your home. They may go unnoticed most of the time, but old rotten or discoloured timber fascia’s and soffits can spoil the look of your property and cause expensive damage to your roof rafters. You'll be amazed at the difference fresh, clean, robust new fascia’s and soffits can make to your property, at the same time as providing your roof with long lasting protection against the elements. We offer everything you need for a complete, high performance roofline system, manufactured to the highest quality standard from fascias, soffits, guttering, dry verge, over-fascia ventilation and all the essential trims and accessories.

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  • Fascias & Soffits

    Fascias & Soffits

    Fascias, bargeboards and soffits are an ever present feature in most homes, some also including softwood timber cladding. The major flaw with them is usually the amount of effort you have to put into maintaining them as they succumb to the pressures of the weather and require regular repairing. Disguising existing and tired softwood/timber fascias with capping boards is a short-term measure and can actually have a detrimental effect in the long-term, when really what you should do is have them replaced with a UPVC equivalent. Yes, it may be more cost effective to fit capping boards over the top, but it may end costing you more in the long run as the problem hasn’t actually gone away and still remains, almost certain to get worse as time progresses. As the wood rots and becomes infested, the nails will come loose and leave your roofline exposed even more.

  • Bargeboards


    In order for your roof lining to be kept consistent and free or any unsightly gaps or holes it needs bargeboards to protect and conceal the roof timbers so that it’s unaffected by the many different types of weather. A UPVC bargeboard is a tailor-made replacement for softwood timber as unlike the latter it needs no looking after so you can rely on it to look after your roof. You can also choose to have bargeboards finished in a range of colours and styles.

  • Guttering & Downpipes

    Guttering & Downpipes

    You won’t find higher quality guttering and downpipe systems than the options sold by Eden Windows. Manufactured utilising highly durable UPVC, not only is it incredibly tough, but it’s totally maintenance-free too. Our five different styles and four colour choices will also help you make it look pleasing on the eye too, whatever the type of home you reside in.

  • Cladding


    There are several different ways you can transform the look of your home and exchanging your old cladding for a modern alternative is most definitely one of the better methods of achieving this goal. As substitutes go, UPVC cladding is the finest replacement for traditional timber cladding you could wish for as it looks exceptional, needs no cleaning, and can face up to sun, rain, wind or snow with total ease. Even years down the line you can expect to look as good as new. It also aids your home in terms of insulation, helping to keep it warm throughout the year.

  • Colour Options
    • Dark Walnut
      Dark Walnut
      Dark Walnut Dark Walnut
    • Black
      Black Black
    • Blue
      Blue Blue
    • Cream
      Cream Cream
    • Dark Teak
      Dark Teak
      Dark Teak Dark Teak
    • English Oak
      English Oak
      English Oak English Oak
    • Green
      Green Green
    • Grey
      Grey Grey
    • Light Oak
      Light Oak
      Light Oak Light Oak
    • Mahogany
      Mahogany Mahogany
    • Red
      Red Red
    • Red Walnut
      Red Walnut
      Red Walnut Red Walnut
    • Rosewood
      Rosewood Rosewood
    • Antique Pine
      Antique Pine
      Antique Pine Antique Pine
    • White
      White White

    Our extensive colour range applies to our entire selection of roofline options...

    Reliability is the key ingredient you depend upon when it comes to roofline and that’s exactly what you get when you buy it from Eden Windows as we provide a 10 year guarantee and 15 year guarantee on all white UPVC roofline. Don’t think you’re limited to traditional white roofline though as we have some sparklingly eye-catching colours ready-made for e.g. fascias or guttering.

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